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Want an Original Work?

By Jeza photographie

In the hustle and bustle of city life, every moment is a unique story waiting to be told.

Street photography, for me, is more than just a hobby; it is a passionate search for candid moments that reflect the essence of urban existence.

It aims to freeze time and preserve the beauty of everyday life. Raw emotions, the juxtaposition of elements, these are the treasures that I seek in the chaotic symphony of the streets.

Each photograph is a window into the soul of a city. Whether it's a lone figure against a neon backdrop in an alleyway, I strive to capture the authenticity that often goes unnoticed in our busy lives.

My device becomes an extension of my senses, allowing me to observe, connect and share the stories unfolding before me. Street photography is not about trespassing; it’s about embracing the unplanned moments that define our shared human experience.

Join me on this visual journey as I explore the streets, from bustling metropolis to quiet corners, searching for beauty and meaning in the ordinary. I hope to inspire others to see the world in a different light and appreciate the extraordinary in the mundane.

See you soon, Jeza

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Graine de photographe.webp

Graine de 

Article produced by the seed photographer team on my street photography work in 2022.


Publication in the Japanese art magazine 365ART+ in December 2021 including an interview and the highlighting of 8 photos.

The Guardian.webp

The Guardian

“I love shooting in moody light. The clouds were low and heavy, and the filter emphasised them and the cows’ expressions. Blue sky just wouldn’t have given the same impression. Here, there is drama.”


At 42, Jeza is a self-taught photographer based in Grosbreuil, near Les Sables-d'Olonne. His work has been selected and published in a renowned art magazine published in Japan.

Jérémy Piloquet, aka Jeza photography, is based in Grosbreuil. | BY JEZA PHOTOGRAPHY

West France Stéphanie HANCQ .

Parution de Jérémy Piloquet dans le Journal Ouest-France

Good morning

Who am I? My name is Jérémy Piloquet, in a relationship, father of a little girl and father-in-law of 2 big boys.

I belong to the category of "autodidacts", I have read a lot and learned through exchanges with professionals in the field. But above all... By going out, exercising and being attentive to what surrounds me which is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. I mainly like "outdoor" photography (street photography and portraits). I orient my individual or collective shootings in the settings that our environment offers us (nature or urban). I'm not a big fan of "posed" photos, I like the "spontaneous" side, which releases, for me, more emotion. Every outing with my camera and every meeting with you is an immense pleasure!

Présentation de Jérémy Piloquet
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